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Last Sunday, 7th of August was the celebration of 25th April Bridge which has linked the two margins above Tagus River in Lisbon for 50 years. By celebrating this event it was announced a new project for tourism which will give the opportunity for many visitors to get to know closer the bridge. A new panoramic lift.


Imagem:  Reprodução Sic Notícias

A bridge above Tagus river had been a long awaited dream. The idea of building a bridge in Lisbon was old. In 1876, Miguel Pais, an engineer, presented a first proposal for a bridge which would connect Lisbon to the town of Montijo. Only in 1966 was the construction of the bridge finally made. A project in the hands of the United States Steel Export, coordinated by the Portuguese engineer, Canto Moniz. It counted with the work of 28000 men and took 4 years to be built. In a country where normally constructions take a long time, the inauguration was made 6 months sooner than it was expected. In this way, the bridge was born with 70 metres above Tagus River and almost 2 300 metres long. It became, back then, the biggest suspended bridge in Europe.


Imagem: Reprodução

50 years later, a new project to show this magnificent engineering construction is being planned. It was signed, last Tuesday, a protocol by the representatives of Tourism of Lisbon Association and Infraestruturas de Portugal together with a presentation of the project of an Interpretive Centre of 25th April Bridge – Pilar 7 Experience. The main goal is to acknowledge the bridge’s and city’s history. As part of the name indicates, the project will be implemented on the Pilar 7, near Índia Avenue and one of the biggest attractions will be the lift with capacity for 40 people, going up 80 metres. Thus, it allows a panoramic view above Lisbon, Tagus River and south margin. This project’s inauguration is expected to be done in a year, on time for the bridge’s 51st birthday, being a 4,3 million euros of investment.
Source: Notícias ao Minuto and Público

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