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Monsanto: one of the most beautiful villages in Europe by the Japanese
3 May, 2016
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Coimbra: A different program in the city of Universities!

They haven’t been doing this for some time, but now the 25 Republics in Coimbra are going to celebrate their existence through a super event, organized by the Republic Council.

They have returned with the initiative ”Week of the Republics” by opening their doors between 29th March and 5th April with more than 20 events such as concerts, dinners, performances and walking tours, all related to the student tradition in Coimbra.

This comes up as a way to connect the republics with the ”students’ community and the city itself”, through an initiative which looks for ”promoting, making aware and celebrating the houses which still exist”, declares to the news agency Lusa, Catarina Reis from the republic Prás-Kys-Tão.

From 29th and 31st of March it will be organized a walking tour through the republics in Coimbra and another one a bit further away from the University and on the 1st of April there will be held a debate in Prá-Kys-Tão about the new urban renting law  which has led to the closing of one republic and the eviction of another one from its original house.

During these 8 days there will be parties, a  vegetarian cooking workshop in Kágados, a cinema session in Rapó-Taxo, concerts in Baco, Bota-Abaixo, Trunfé Kopos and Inkas, table games in Kuarenta, performances in Marias do Loureiro and a mural painting in Farol das Ilhas, among other activities.

On 31st of March, in Rás-teparta, there will be organized a Spring Party. Since the 80s several republics have participated on a traditional competition of feijoada (a dish with beans) with an expanded jury from the High town.Between 29th March and 5th of April there’s an illustration exhibition by Margarida Ferreira in Bota-Abaixo republic with the title ”Ai, Margarida”.

Free entrance and anyone can participate!

Original article (Portuguese)

More about Coimbra here!

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