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5 February, 2019

Meet our Partner: Mais Proximidade, Melhor Vida

One thing in which we believe in is to follow practices that can be positive to the community. That means, organizing activities, walking tours, events and […]
14 January, 2019

The most common questions our guests ask about Lisbon

What? Why? How? Guests ask us many questions during our walking tours and we always like to answer them. That’s the great advantage being on a […]
18 December, 2018

Bolo-rei – a sweet Christmas treat

The Christmas season is here, and it’s time to decorate your tree and eat ”bolo-rei” (king’s cake). Do you know the story of this sweet treat […]
10 December, 2018

The tower of the Castle church – another viewpoint in Lisbon

Lisbon, the city with (more than) seven hills, is well known for its stunning views, only possible to reach from above. You have the viewpoints in […]
4 December, 2018

Nossos Hermanos

On the 1st of December the independence of Portugal from the Spanish domain is celebrated. It is however a date in which Spanish don’t know or […]
25 November, 2018

Monuments in Lisbon: The Águas Livres aqueduct

Have you noticed a big stone construction with arches that stands out in Lisbon’s landscape? It’s huge! It’s tremendous! It’s the Águas Livres aqueduct, a remarkable […]
19 November, 2018

Chiado, a neighbourhood with class

Chiado is one of the most visited neighbourhoods in Lisbon. It is full of charm and life with its stylish cafés, historical shops and theaters, remembering […]
12 November, 2018

How to avoid tourist traps in Lisbon

Are you in Lisbon and would like to avoid the tourist traps in the city? Ignore your guiding book and follow our tips. Be a real […]
24 July, 2018

(Re) live Lisbon – a new tour with a social cause!

On 14th July we did the presentation of a new tour. It is called (Re)live Lisbon and it will take you to downtown Lisbon, Mouraria and […]
20 June, 2018
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Beach! Summer At Last!

That’s right! The 21st of June announces the arrival of summer and the season grants all our wishes. Either to enjoy the holidays or simply a […]
11 June, 2018

Santo António: how to enjoy the big night

Santo António is a popular saint in Lisbon. A lot of people think that it’s Santo Padroeiro, but São Vicente is the one who won the […]
23 May, 2018

Parque das Nações – 20th Anniversary of Expo ’98. The birth of a new neighbourhood

These days we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Expo ’98, a world fair which represented 143 different countries and had 11 million visitors.  The first opening […]
16 May, 2018

Events in Lisbon – What to see this week

Staying in Lisbon this week? You might find the city small but you will definitely feel lost with so many events happening this week! It’s the […]
7 May, 2018

Almada – Where you find the best views of Lisbon

From our tours in Lisbon we highlight the one in which you will find the best views of the city, but it is on the other […]
24 April, 2018

Zeca Afonso – the voice of a Revolution

This week we celebrate the 25th April, the Day of Freedom in Portugal. As a tribute we remember one of the voices of the Revolution: Zeca […]
16 April, 2018

Monuments and Museums with Free Entrance!

On 18th April we celebrate the International Day of Monuments and Sites and like every year, it is time for you to check the museums that […]
2 April, 2018

”Lisboning” on the Portuguese Pavement

The Portuguese pavement is one of the oldest urban art expressions in the city of Lisbon. Everything began in the reign of king Manuel I… let’s […]
28 March, 2018

Theaters in Lisbon

27th March is the World Theater Day and we celebrate it  mentioning some theaters that you can’t miss when in Lisbon. These are some that we […]
20 March, 2018

Fernando Pessoa – World’s Poetry Day

Spring has come and it is the perfect day for inspiration and blossoming poems! It is the world’s poetry day and we have decided to dedicate […]
6 March, 2018

Lisbon of the Hills – Graça

Graça is one charming neighborhood on the highest hill of Lisbon and since this week we are celebrating women’s day this all makes sense. In our […]
13 February, 2018

Saint Anthony – the matchmaker saint

Today is Saint Valentine’s day and we see shops, restaurants, supermarkets promoting this special event for the most passionate hearts. But do you know that in […]
6 February, 2018

Carnival – Have fun in Lisbon!

Are you planning your days in Lisbon during Carnival season? Though the city hasn’t the most traditional Portuguese Carnival  (check our article about Podence, here), it […]
29 January, 2018

Hidden Gem Museums in Lisbon

You might believe when visiting Lisbon that it is a small city. One day or two could be enough to grasp the essential and  you have […]
20 December, 2017

Cod fish is the king – Christmas traditions

This is a food love story between a Christmas table in Portugal and the codfish from cold waters, up in the north. Having in mind that […]
6 December, 2017

Christmas in Lisbon – the month of december in celebration!

The month of December has just arrived  and in spite of the cold the city of Lisbon doesn’t put aside the joy on its streets. The […]
23 November, 2017

O Fado – a story of a painting

Born on 28th April 1855, José Malhoa is considered to be one of the greatest Portuguese painters. He was a pioneer in Portugal following the Naturalism […]
17 November, 2017

Palácio da Fronteira – A palatial surprise in Lisbon

If you have no idea of the things to do in Lisbon for this weekend, we give you a tip: besides doing a walking tour with […]
9 November, 2017

Summer of São Martinho – a tradition

The big saints’ celebrations are, usually, held during summer. There is, however, a saint to celebrate as well, but in autumn. On the 11th of November […]
27 October, 2017

Amadora BD 2017

If you are fans of comics you shouldn’t miss the Amadora BD 2017, counting already with its 28th edition. The city council of Amadora organizes this […]
12 October, 2017

Montalegre – the town where Friday the 13th is celebrated

Friday the 13th has always been associated to bad luck and mainly because of the number. There are several stories related to the origin of this superstition: […]
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