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Boat tours in Lisbon? Yes! We have fresh news, set in our website and already spread in social media! We have announced a new partnership with Blangai and BYX which will help you to make plans for this valentine’s week or something fun and special for Carnival, during this month of February. Here are some of Fora da Rota suggestions!

Giro d’Ajuda to Tejo

(Imagem: Reprodução Lisbon Lux)

Imagem: Reprodução Lisbon Lux

Another giro giro (cute spin) this time going down the hill from Ajuda to Belém. A walking tour to discover curiosities and find places hidden or unnoticed at a first glance. We follow the Marquis of Pombal’s steps visiting the oldest garden in Lisbon and we go down the streets and alleys which will tell you other stories. We arrive in Belém and remember a past of navigations and discoveries. And nothing like ending with a boat tour on Tagus river!
More information and for reservations, check here.

Two Sides of the River

(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota)

Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota

Only a boat tour promoted by out partner Blangai. A tranquil trip navigating across the Tagus river, admiring the two sides. On one hand, Lisbon, the white and illuminated city, with a stunning beauty and a riverside heritage, telling us stories about commerce and industry. On the other hand Almada, Cacilhas, Ginjal which show us the ruins of what was once a glorious past of naval construction. Besides this boat trip you will have the opportunity to learn a bit more about sailing, practising it and learning from an experience professional.
More information and reservations, check here.

Giro Seixal

(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota)

(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota)

The Giro leaves Lisbon and goes‘’out of the route’’ (Fora da Rota) on its way to Seixal by boat. The navigation is by BYX. A tranquil trip through Tagus river, enjoying the marvellous landscape reaching the small city of Seixal. Arriving we will take a break for a lunch at a local restaurant (optional) and then we will have a guiding visit at the historical centre.
More information and reservations, check here.

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