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Celebrating Brasil Junino in April is something strange to Brazilian’s ears: Juninas Festivities are not in April but in June! In Lisbon, Brazil has decided to celebrate them earlier to give more colour, dancing and sounds for ten days. It has started this Friday, 7th of April with Os Gonzagas, Lucy Alves and many other artists. On this Friday, 16th, we will have Elba Ramalho, a very famous Brazilian singer and actress.


The idea of this festival was made after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, to promote this Brazilian tradition.  Besides Lisbon, this festival will be present in Madrid, Rome and Paris, promoting the Junin festivities, which are part of the culture from northeastern Brazil with regional music, folklore dances and typical gastronomy. As a tradition, these festivities are like the Popular Saints in Portugal. Sain John is celebrated with many Portuguese influences on its traditions. The music and instruments such as the ‘’cavaquinho’’, accordion and triangle are among the basics of traditional Portuguese music, brought by the settlers and later the immigrants. The same thing with clothes – men wear mostly checkered shirts and women with colourful calico dresses, influenced by the way the country people dressed themselves.

Imagem: Reprodução Nossa Gente

Imagem: Reprodução Nossa Gente

As time went by, these festivities won their own characteristics in every region of the country, becoming the most important Brazilian festival, after the Carnival.

In spite of being celebrated almost everywhere in the country, it is in the region of north east which it is mostly rooted. We have cities like Campo Grande and Caruacu famous for its parties and ‘’quadrilhas’’ competitions. And as the month of June is the time to thank the saint for the crops, mainly corn, the majority os its traditional gastronomy is made with this ingredient.  We have Pamonha, curau, milho cozido, canjica, cuzcuz, pipoca, corn cake… a varied offer to comfort our stomachs!

And dancing! The most typical dance during these festivities is the ‘’quadrilha’’ which was born from European influence, among the aristocratic saloons from the 18th century. In what its technique is concerned, there is a moderator who pronounces some sentences and the participants, mostly couples, move accordingly to what he orders them to do. Let’s get ready the turn! Balancê! Anarriê!

Imagem: Reprodução Viagem.uol.br

Imagem: Reprodução Viagem.uol.br

Event: Brasil Junino

Where: Pavilhão de Portugal

When: de 7 a 16 de Abril



More info in: http://www.brasiljunino.com.br/

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