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The second edition of Muro – Urban Art Festival, arrived yesterday in Marvila. They are four days with music, guiding visits, exhibitions and art on the streets from several national and international artists.

Muro – Urban Art Festival has arrived with its second edition, celebrating the Iberian-american identity. Last year, Muro went to Padre Cruz neighbourhood, in Carnide Lisbon, with thirty artists who created 50 artistic pieces. This edition occurs in Marvila, neighbourhood with a new colour thanks to the interventions of national and international artists between the Marvila library, Marquês de Abrantes, Alfinetes and Quinta Salgada neighbourhoods.

These are some of the reasons why you should go to Marvila this weekend:


(Imagem: Reprodução espalha factos)

Imagem: Reprodução espalha factos

Noiserv will perform on 26th May and on 28th of May the elementary school of Marvila will receive PAUS, and João Carvalho with a concert of drums in six hands.


Guiding Visits:

(Imagem: Reprodução Iberismos)

Imagem: Reprodução Iberismos

Free entrance and with no booking needed you will find the best of urban art in the surrounding area in Quinta do Marquês Abrantes, Quinta da Chalé and Quinta das Salgadas neighbourhoods. The visits of 1h30 are accessible to the general public on 27th and 28th May, in the morning at 10 and 12 and in the afternoon at 2 and 5:30. The meeting point is at Marvila library.


Four films are going to be presented at the Marvila library’s auditorium always at 7 p.m. Between today and sunday you can watch ”Montanha” by  João Salaviza; “Bande de filles” by Céline Sciama; and “La jaula de oro”, by Diego Quemada-Díez.


And Urban Art

(Imagem: Reprodução Buenos Aires Street Art)

Imagem: Reprodução Buenos Aires Street Art

This year is the celebration of the Iberian american culture in Lisbon and the festival is reuniting artists from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Venezuela with Portuguese artists on this second edition of the festival.

For more information, check in Muro – Urban Art Festival.

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