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If your dream is to travel back in time, we have a recommendation for you: the Medieval Fair in Santa Maria, event which started this Wednesday, the 27th of July. There is a 12-days-trip until the kingdom of D. Dinis. This year is special as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

It is considered the biggest historical recreation event in Europe, one of the first to be organised in Portugal 20 years ago. Starting from its creation, events like this one multiplied everywhere, portraying various periods. More than is seems, the medieval age is the favourite period for most people. Without a doubt, it has become a successful model for various town halls responsibles for its organisation, having an increased number of visitants each year.

(Imagem: Reprodução Porto 24)

Imagem: Reprodução Porto 24

The essential elements are there for the event to be successful: travel back in time to a specific historical period lightens up the imagination of both adults and children alike. There is entertainment, music, theatre plays, clothing from other periods, food, dressed up folks portraying jesters, craftsmen, hairy rough bearded soldiers, delicate maiden from the court….all wrapped up on a background of castles, medieval churches and historical centers. Portugal does not lack its heritage.

Santa Maria da Feira travels in time each year, and at the beginning of this one, it managed to gain a prestigious international prize: Ciudad de Castellón. 2016 is very special for this city. As this year a round number is being celebrated, the investment was considerable. It counts on four big enactments, of 30 minutes each, acts around two important characters from the Portuguese medieval ages: the D. Dinis king and the Santa Isabel queen.

(Imagem: Reprodução Ver Portugal)

Imagem: Reprodução Ver Portugal

More so, it counts on 25 themed areas inside the perimeter, almost 300 taverns, restaurants, craftsmen stalls and merchants. The entrance fees varies from 1,75€ to 4€, depending on the day of the week. In addition to the daily entrance fee, there is also a bracelet that gives visitors permission to come and go as the please, each day of the event for a price of 7€. There is no limitation of age for children, but there is one in height. Up until 1.30m, they do not pay.

And, as it is not yet possible to use a time machine to travel to the medieval ages (that would be indeed an experience Fora da Rota (out of the route)), here is our recommendation for you: follow noble knights and maidens to the land of Santa Maria !

Source of the article: Fugas
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Translation by Ioana Bota

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