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There are places that make us want to hide, even for a few moments, from the everyday commotion. Away from the historical centre of the city, there are five less-known parks we have chosen to show you in case you are up for a walk. Or simply want to relax a bit. Grab your picnic basket, choose a good book and enjoy the arrival of spring!

 1. Quinta das Conchas e dos Liláses

Quinta das Conchas e Liláses, Lisbon fonte: Guia da Cidade

Quinta das Conchas e Liláses, source: Guia da Cidade

Located in the neighbourhood of Lumiar, the garden of Quinta das Conchas is the result of a restoration of two properties dating from the 16th century. It is considered to be the third ‘biggest green area’ in Lisbon, following the Monstanto and Bela Vista parks. Today, it spreads on 24 hectares of lawn and forest area. The park invites visitors to relax at the terraces or on the grass. For the most daring, there are possibilities of sports. More so, children can fully enjoy a playground created especially for them. The park offers, as well, the facilities needed for all sorts of events – a stage for shows, an area for exhibitions, restaurants and coffee places, even a first aid spot.
Entrance: free
Opening hours: 24h

2.Parque Botânico do Monteiro-Mor

Parque Botânico Monteiro-Mor, Lumiar

Parque Botânico Monteiro-Mor, Lumiar Lisbon photo by the author

Located in Lumiar, as well, this park is a bridge between two historical museums – Costume Museum (Museu do Traje) and Theatre & Dance Museum (Museu do Teatro e da Danca). It originates from the 18th century, and it was designed by the Italian botanic specialist, Domingos Vandelli, under the reign of Marquês of Angeja the Third. After selling the property, in 1840, to Duke of Palmela the First and Marquês of Faial the First, the garden underwent some improvements. Rare species of plants and new sculptures were brought in. The land remained under the ownership of the Duke of Palmela until 1975, when it was sold to the Portuguese government. The park is spread on an area of 11 hectares, home to centuries-old trees, wooden parks, rose plantations and fields filled with flowers. All of which are announcing the beginning of springtime.
Entrance: 3
Opening hours: Closed on Mondays (all day) and Tuesdays (mornings only); from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last entry at 5.30 p.m.)

3. José Gomes Ferreira Park (Mata de Alvalade)

Parque José Gomes Ferreira fonte: lx4kids.pt

Parque José Gomes Ferreira, Lisbon source: lx4kids.pt

José Gomes Ferreira Park or Mata de Alvalade is an ideal place for all ages. Located in the Alvalade neighbourhood, the park has a sporting area with Bootcamp. It charges a small fee, but it is suitable for all sorts of physical activities: running, biking, or walking while enjoying nature. Visitors can enjoy the picnic areas of the park which are fully equipped with picnic tables, chairs and barbecue grills.
For the lazybones, who simply prefer to relax, we suggest they go the kiosk of the park which has a terrace made of recycled trunks of trees, rugs and beanbags.
Entrance: free
Opening hours: 24h

4. Silva Porto park (Mata de Benfica)

Parque Silva Porto fonte: cm-lisboa.pt

Parque Silva Porto, Lisbon source: cm-lisboa.pt

Located in Benfica, the Silva Porto park is a green area whose trees were planted in the 1880s at the request of João Carlos Ulrich. The aim was to adorn the Ferreira Palace. Eventually, in 1911 it was purchased by César Augusto de Figueiredo who donated it to the Town Hall of Lisbon with the condition to open the park to all its visitors. The place, named after the painter Silva Porto, is a splendid place to relax. It has a charming kiosk with a terrace, managed by the football club of Benfica; a small lake with ducks, geese, and the unmistakable cocky peacocks. A concern for the well-being of animals can be noted in the park: close to the snacks’ area, there is a space where dogs can run freely and enjoy themselves. Stray cats have been sterilised and find here a place to stay, as well.
For the sports’ lovers, the park has a paddle field and a playground. And, not far away from these attractions, a place which offers extreme activities – Benfica Extreme Adventure Park – BX.
Entrance: free
Opening hours: summer (from the 1st of April to the 30th of September) from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.; winter (1st of October to 31st of March) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

5.Calhau Park (Monsanto)

Parque do Calhau fonte: cm-lisboa.pt

Parque do Calhau, Lisbon source: cm-lisboa.pt

Located in São Domingos de Benfica, Calhau park is one of the main entries of Monsanto, a place seen as ‘the lungs’ of the city of Lisbon. The space calls to session of running or fast walking. Areas filled with shadows invite those who wish to simply relax. There are tables and benches for those who are afraid of getting their clothes dirty. More so, there is enough green space for games and fun times. The most amazing things is that here we forget we are so close to the excitement and noise of the city.
Entrance: free
Opening hours: 24h
Translation by Ioana Bota
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