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How about visiting that museum you have had in mind for weeks? We gather here a few suggestions you will find in Lisbon. Enjoy the tips for this weekend as some have free entrance on Sunday mornings and the first Sunday of the month!

Museum House Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves

Situated in the area of Saldanha, in Avenida 5 de Outubro, this building from the beginning of the 20th century was once the home and studio of a famous Portuguese painter – José Malhoa. It was the first artist-home in the city and won the architecture award Valmor in 1905. It was later bought by Anastácio Gonçalves a doctor and art collector. The museum gathers a collection of 3000 works from 19th and 20th century Portuguese painting, china, Portuguese and foreigner furniture.


Museum House Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves – source

Avenida 5 de Outubro Phone: 213 540 823. Entrance: 3 euros (free on the first sunday of the month)

Tile Museum

One of the most important museums in the country, where you find a vast collection of the most impressive decorative arts you may find in Portugal – the tile, of course. Its collection begins with a brief explanation on how the tiles are manufactured, and it is presented by cronologic order its production from the middle of the 15th century to present days. It is worth it, even for the building itself – Madre de Deus monastery, established in 1509 by the order of Queen Leonor. It is beautiful!

Museu do Azulejo

Museu do Azulejo source

Rua Madre de Deus, 4  Phone: 218 100 340. Entrance: 5 euros (free on the first sunday of the month)

 National Theatre Museum and National Museum of Costume

We have joined two museums in the same topic as they are situated in Monteiro-Mor Park. One is dedicated to Theatre and Dance, with a collection of more than 3000 0000 pieces related to the performing arts, including costumes designed by famous Portuguese painters such as Almada Negreiros and Paula Rego or accessories used by fado singer Amália Rodrigues.

Inside the Museum of Costume we get to know the evolution of fashion from the beginning of the Romantic period to nowadays, with fantastic well preserved costumes. An impressive collection that will probably make you smile looking at the accessories even for men, not practical today when you try to rush in the morning to work. Both museums are inside two palaces – Palace Monteiro Mor and Palace Angeja-Palmela. It is also worth to take a look at the beautiful Botanic Park with 11 ha.

Museu do Teatro

National Theatre Museum source

Estrada do Lumiar, 10 (Lumiar) Phone: 217567410/19. Entrance (bilhete conjunto Museums + Park: 6 euros (free on the first sunday of the month)

Puppet Museum

Situated in Bernardas Convent, in Santos area the Puppet Musem is a curious place and unique in the country, dedicated to the preservation, interpretation and diffusion of the puppet history and puppet theatre. It has a vast collection of puppets which cross the world, from Portugal to Asia.

Museu da Marioneta

Puppet Museum source

Rua da Esperança, 146 (Santos) Phone: 213942810. Entrance: 5 euros (free on sunday mornings)

National Museum of Ethnology

We travel through the world in the National Museum of Ethnology with more than 40 000 pieces. We highlight the shadow theatre from Bali, dolls from Angola, masks and puppets from Mali and artifacts from 40 tribes in Brazilian Amazonia.

Museu de Etnologia

Museu de Etnologia source

Avenida da Ilha da Madeira Phone: 213 041 160/9 Entrance: 3€ (free on the first Sunday of the month)

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