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The Lojas com História (Shops with History) is a program developed by Lisbon’s city council with the aim to preserve and protect the commerce for its great heritage, historical and cultural values. It is a way of discovering Lisbon through its shops like a time machine. From this project it was developed a platform which gathers this historical shops. We have chosen a few which are ”Fora da Rota” (out of the beaten track).

Luvaria Ulisses

(Imagem: Reprodução nonfashionista)

Imagem: Reprodução nonfashionista

Going up the Carmo street towards Chiado we have found a tiny shop which fits like a glove and sells… gloves since 1925. Nowadays it is the last shop in Portugal which dedicates exclusively to the selling of gloves, keeping its original character. The shop itself is a time machine, with a neo-classic and empire style furniture.  A real treasure in the heart of the city!

Doll’s hospital

(Imagem: Reprodução o tuga)

Imagem: Reprodução o tuga

Situted in Praça da Figueira, the Hospital de Bonecas (Doll’s hospital) surprises us immediately. A hospital for dolls? Yes – as the name suggests it is a real hospital which has the main purpose of curing dolls since 1830. The dolls are treated as any patient in a hospital. As soon as they arrive it is given a hospital record with the diagnose and a bed number. Any disease is immediately treated and the dolls leave brand new.


Caza das Vellas Loreto

(Imagem: Reprodução tumblar - CML)

Imagem: Reprodução tumblr – CML

Created on 14th of July of 1789, on the same date of the French Revolution, this shop is one of the oldest in town set in the same place, managed by the same family, producing and selling candles ever since then. It is with no doubt one of the most beautiful shops in the city of Lisbon. It appeals to our senses for its colours, old furniture and unique aroma. In spite of progress first with gas and then electricity, the Caza das Vellas Loreto has confronted new challenges.  Today it sells candles for religious cults, for decoration and celebrations such as baptizing.

Chapelaria Azevedo Rua

(Imagem: Reprodução cm-lisboa)

Imagem: Reprodução cm-lisboa

It is a family business which has lasted for five generations. The story of this hat shop began with Azevedo Rua a former Port wine producer who found himself broke and decided to come to Lisbon to open his new business in Pedro IV square, known as the hat shops square. Since 1886 this shop has put many hats on many heads following the fashion of its time. Nowadays it fits on stylish heads.

A Carioca

(Imagem: Reprodução Lojas com Historia)

Imagem: Reprodução Lojas
com Historia

It is still a tradition to go to Chiado and be amazed by the delicious coffee smell as son as we get inside one of these shops. It is the example of Carioca, a house with many years of tradition, since 1936. It has got a varied offer of coffees coming from all over the world and with very special lots: the ”Arábica Timor”, ”Carioca”, ‘Expresso”, the ”Presidente” and the”Tavares”. And as in any other coffee shop you will find as well the teas, chocolates, cookies and other sweets.

And our list could go on, as each shop surprise us by its history and diversity of specialized products and services. We leave here the link of the platform  and have a nice shopping!

And another suggestion: are you in Lisbon and would like to discover the city in a new perspective? No idea what to do in Lisbon? Check our tours and activities and  make a reservation! Let’s try a Lisbon ”Fora da Rota”!



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