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13 February, 2018
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Saint Anthony – the matchmaker saint

Today is Saint Valentine’s day and we see shops, restaurants, supermarkets promoting this special event for the most passionate hearts. But do you know that in […]
6 February, 2018
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Carnival – Have fun in Lisbon!

Are you planning your days in Lisbon during Carnival season? Though the city hasn’t the most traditional Portuguese Carnival  (check our article about Podence, here), it […]
29 January, 2018
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Hidden Gem Museums in Lisbon

You might believe when visiting Lisbon that it is a small city. One day or two could be enough to grasp the essential and  you have […]
5 January, 2018
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Bolo-rei – a sweet Christmas treat to end the season

The Christmas season is ending, and it’s time to dismantle the tree and eat the last piece of ‘’bolo-rei’’ (king’s cake) or ‘’bolo-rainha’’ (queen’s cake) for […]
20 December, 2017
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Cod fish is the king – Christmas traditions

This is a food love story between a Christmas table in Portugal and the codfish from cold waters, up in the north. Having in mind that […]
6 December, 2017
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Christmas in Lisbon – the month of december in celebration!

The month of December has just arrived  and in spite of the cold the city of Lisbon doesn’t put aside the joy on its streets. The […]
23 November, 2017
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O Fado – a story of a painting

Born on 28th April 1855, José Malhoa is considered to be one of the greatest Portuguese painters. He was a pioneer in Portugal following the Naturalism […]
17 November, 2017
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Palácio da Fronteira – A palatial surprise in Lisbon

If you have no idea of the things to do in Lisbon for this weekend, we give you a tip: besides doing a walking tour with […]
9 November, 2017
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Summer of São Martinho – a tradition

The big saints’ celebrations are, usually, held during summer. There is, however, a saint to celebrate as well, but in autumn. On the 11th of November […]
27 October, 2017
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Amadora BD 2017

If you are fans of comics you shouldn’t miss the Amadora BD 2017, counting already with its 28th edition. The city council of Amadora organizes this […]
12 October, 2017
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 feira 13)

Montalegre – the town where Friday the 13th is celebrated

Friday the 13th has always been associated to bad luck and mainly because of the number. There are several stories related to the origin of this superstition: […]
6 October, 2017
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Portuguese – a world with different sounds

”My homeland is my language”, this is one of the best well known sentences written by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. But we can add from […]
19 September, 2017
(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota Tours)(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota Tours)(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota Tours)(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota Tours)(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota Tours)(Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota Tours)

Coimbra – quem foi Cindazunda?

A lot of people believe that the feminine figure found on the city’s coat of arms is the Queen Santa Isabel. Well, these people are mistaken! […]
7 September, 2017
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Festival Todos 2017 – Events in Setember in Lisbon

The Todos Festival 2017 is back this weekend in  Campo Mártires da Pátria with a varied program. This festival which has been organized in Lisbon since […]
31 August, 2017
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Lisboa na Rua 2017 – cheering up the city in September!

We are already missing the holidays, beach and sun from sweet month of August… but don’t feel too sad! Lisboa na Rua 2017 is back to […]
25 August, 2017
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Shops with History

The Lojas com História (Shops with History) is a program developed by Lisbon’s city council with the aim to preserve and protect the commerce for its […]
10 July, 2017
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Lisboa doesn’t sleep – events in July

Are you already missing the Lisbon festivities last month? They have finished but that doesn’t mean that the city has fallen asleep. There are many events […]
6 June, 2017
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Gir’Almada – Where you find the best view of Lisbon

From our tours in Lisbon we highlight the one in which you will find the best view of the city, but it is on the other […]
1 June, 2017
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Festas de Lisboa 2017

The Festas de Lisboa 2017 start today, having a blast through the city! Arraiais, music concerts, grilled sardines, basil and Saint Anthony are back in town […]
25 May, 2017
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Muro – Urban Art Festival 2017

The second edition of Muro – Urban Art Festival, arrived yesterday in Marvila. They are four days with music, guiding visits, exhibitions and art on the […]
16 May, 2017
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International Museums Day and Museums Night

Two days to book on your calendar! 18th and 20th of May. The first day is the International Museum Day with free entrance in museums, palaces […]
25 April, 2017
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Zeca Afonso – the voice of a Revolution

It celebrates today the 25th April, the Day of Freedom in Portugal. This year, on the same date, it is inaugurated a memorial dedicated to Zeca […]
19 April, 2017
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Places with History – Largo de São Domingos

Largo de São Domingos – a place in Lisbon full of stories and contrasts. It has a long tradition of being the meeting point for people […]
10 April, 2017
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Brazil Junino – Anarriê!

Celebrating Brasil Junino in April is something strange to Brazilian’s ears: Juninas Festivities are not in April but in June! In Lisbon, Brazil has decided to […]
27 March, 2017
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Lisbon of the hills – the hill of Santana

It’s made believed that Lisbon has seven hills, similar to great cities such as Rome and Athens. With a clear expansion of the city’s population and […]
20 March, 2017
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Lisbon week – each neighbourhood, one city

At its 4th edition, Lisbon Week is a cultural event that will take place between the 25th of March and April, the 2nd. With each edition, […]
7 March, 2017
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Why ‘azulejo’ is not ‘blue’

Our Romanian news correspondent, Ioana Bota, has shared with us another text about her visit at Museu Nacional do Azulejo. After reading this you will want […]
24 February, 2017
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A Different Carnival

We are now arriving at Carnival, season of great fun! Here as we normally say – It’s Carnival so no one will be offended. So, anything […]
13 February, 2017
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Boat Trips in Lisbon – News on board!

Boat tours in Lisbon? Yes! We have fresh news, set in our website and already spread in social media! We have announced a new partnership with […]
2 February, 2017
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The elevators of Lisbon

Without them, Lisbon is a little poorer. They are one of Lisbon’s main attractions. Built in the XIXth century, they were used to ease the climbing […]
11 August, 2016
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25th April Bridge – a new panoramic lift on the way

Last Sunday, 7th of August was the celebration of 25th April Bridge which has linked the two margins above Tagus River in Lisbon for 50 years. […]