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Halloween is coming and we’re here to tell you a ghost story. Uuuuuu Did you know that there is a ghost in a ruined house in the Lumiar neighbourhood in Lisbon? No? Well, then read this. Warning! While finishing reading don’t get disturbed or too frightened. We take no responsibility for the psychological damages. Buu! Unfit for people with heart problems.

Imagem: Reprodução Misérias de Lisboa

source go here Imagem: Reprodução Misérias de Lisboa

Behind a green scenery, there’s a house in ruins hidden. It is precisely in Quinta das Conchas and Lilases, in Lumiar in Lisbon, a result of two 16th century villas’ rehabilitation. Now it is a public and leisure space. After being property of several families, this farm belonged to Francisco Mantero who bought it in 1899 and became its owner until 1927. From the house little remains, but you can still see the structure of a rich manor house which reminds the old colonial architecture. In fact, Mantero was an important ‘’roceiro’’ (farmer in the colonies) in Sao Tome and Principe. He lived in Angola, Moçambique and Timor and was founding partner in the Geography Association in Lisbon. He also founded many ‘’roças’’ (big farms in the colonies) in Santa Margarida, Monte Macaco and Maianço in Sao Tome, whose main exploration was cacao and coffee. Although he had an extraordinary life, Francisco Montero was hiding a dark side…

Imagem: Reprodução

Imagem: Reprodução

The legend tells that Mantero fell in love with a native from Sao Tome who had a daughter. The woman had a stunning beauty and she moved to the house in Quinta das Conchas in Lisbon. Maybe moved by a blind jealousy or for not wanting her to be seen, he imprisoned the poor native inside a claustrophobic cage. After many years of captivity the poor woman went insane and died. But you can still listen first a soft crying and then an increasing sound of desperate screams…
It is also told that there is a hidden treasure full of relics brought from Africa, but it hasn’t been found yet. If you are that moved to find the treasure it is not possible. There ‘s a more real danger announced by the city council warning the risk of building collapse. Is it a way to back away on purpose the treasure or ghost hunters? Mysteries….

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