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27th March is the World Theater Day and we celebrate it  mentioning some theaters that you can’t miss when in Lisbon. These are some that we highlight for its beauty and history.

Theater is part of the culture of every city and Lisbon is a lively city with many interesting theaters, not only for the notorious plays, concerts and talented performers, but also for the beauty of its building and historical importance. Here are some of the theaters in Lisbon that we highlight in  today’s blog. Some are not only for theater performances, but also dedicated specifically to other forms of art like dancing and opera.

D. Maria II National Theater

Imagem: Reprodução Sabado

While walking in Lisbon you will notice immediately the beautiful white building in Rossio square. It’s the D. Maria II National Theater, built in 1846 during the celebration of queen Maria II’s 27th anniversary. That’s why the official name of the theater goes by her name.  In 1964 it suffered a big fire and it was only saved its façade. It was then recovered, keeping its original architecture and reopened in 1978.

Address: Praça D. Pedro IV


Teatro da Trindade

Imagem: Reprodução Move Noticias

Traditionally, Chiado had been for many years the cultural center where intellectuals, thinkers, writers would meet. And with that it was also brought a cultural life with theaters and other forms of entertainment. Teatro Trindade has witnessed that cultural movement. Placed in Chiado,  it was born in 1867 and it was used not only for theater plays but also for music concerts, balls, operas, music theater and cinema, during crisis moments. It has also suffered many changes in its building, but without loosing its charm.

Address: Rua Nova do Trindade, 9


São Luiz Theatre

Imagem: Reprodução Visão

Also placed in Chiado, we can find São Luiz theater. Its simple façade doesn’t show its magnificent interior, reminding a glorious past. Guilherme da Silveira, a wealthy Portuguese man, actor and businessman who had won his fortune in Brazil, was eager to invest his money on a theater. He gathered other investors and the theater was built and inaugurated in 1894 with the name of queen D. Amélia. The project was made by Ernest-Louis Reynaud, a French architect who brought a bit of Paris to its design. With the Republican revolution the name of the theater was changed to República Theater. It was in 1914 destroyed by a fire and rebuilt this time by the responsibility of the Portuguese architect Tertuliano Marques who obeyed the original design of the theater. With the coming of the cinema, the theater was again renovated adapting itself as a new cinema theater. It was bought by the city council in  1971. Nowadays it is used for concerts, theater performances and other events.

Address: R. António Maria Cardoso 38


Teatro São Carlos

Imagem: Reprodução e-cultura

In Chiado we can also find the National Opera House. It was built to substitute the once magnificent Tejo Opera Theater, destroyed by the earthquake in 1755. It was inaugurated in 1793 and the architect was José da Costa e Silva who had his inspiration from the Italian Opera houses like the San Carlo in Naples and the famous La Scala in Milan. During the month of July there is a festival, the Festival ao Largo, held in its square mainly dedicated to Classical Music.

Address: Largo de São Carlos


Teatro Camões

Imagem: Reprodução Risco

Teatro Camões has been the house of National Ballet Company since 2003. It was build during the Expo 98 and its modern building, is set near the garden of Água, with a beautiful view towards the river. The Company is responsible for the management and the production performed in the theatre.

Address: Passeio do Neptuno, Parque das Nações


Teatro Ibérico

Imagem: Reprodução Tracker Magazine

This theater is set on what was once a church and its acoustics and religious setting gives to the stage unique features. Many even believe to be the most beautiful theater in the city. The program is nowadays managed by the João Garcia Miguel Company.

Address – Rua de Xabregas 54







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