Who are we?

What is Fora da Rota? Fora da Rota is going further beyond. It is not making conventional tourism. It is to discover new paths, other ways of interpreting the places we visit, the details which sometimes escape at a first glance...

Fora da Rota defines itself as a tour company of alternative, sustainable and creative tourism, which has a purpose of creating tours and activities which stimulate the local authentic. We value creative partnerships with individuals and communities which develop activities and work with the local residents, providing the visitor an enriching and authentic learning.

Our walking tours in Lisbon and Coimbra offer to the visitor happy moments of learning, enjoying the city like a local.

True Travel for Free People is the sentence which define us, always paying attention to Fora da Rota experiences. .

Isabel Bernardo

In love with traveling, culture, history and music I do a bit of everything in Fora da Rota: I share ideas through our blog and stories in our tours. I believe that travelling is a learning moment which helps strengthening bonds and understanding better other cultures. I hope sharig nice memories with those that would like to have a Fora da Rota experience.

Viviane Carrico

I'm a luso-brazilian in love with learning more about other cultures. Two years ago, when I returned from Mozambique to Portugal I started to rediscover a country more diverse than ever. With a special taste for music, dancing and other cultural expressions, I'm always discovering new places in town which can be rediscovered. I'm very communicative and I'm the one in Fora da Rota always available to talk, bringing new partnerships.