The most common questions our guests ask about Lisbon


What? Why? How? Guests ask us many questions during our walking tours and we always like to answer them. That’s the great advantage being on a private or small group tour – having the time and comfort to ask questions to your local guide and learn more about the city. These are the most common questions from our guests when they are with us enjoying the beautiful Lisbon.

Our walking tours in Lisbon are mostly private and with small groups and our guests like that because they feel more comfortable in asking questions. They are curious and, so they like to know more about the local life and culture. These are some of the questions which pop up often and we are always glad to answer.

How many people live in Lisbon?

                                                                                                             Imagem: Reprodução Visão

This is number one as the most asked question. The answer is over than 500 thousand people but if you count with the entire metropolitan area we are more that 2 million people.

Is that a river or the sea?

From every viewpoint of the city you can see the beautiful blue water crossing the landscape. It comes as a surprise to many of our guests to see such a wide river that many believe to be the sea. It is the Tagus river and it is born in Spain. It is the biggest river in the Iberian Peninsula with 1007 km of length. What you see in Lisbon is already its mouth, a large estuary, almost arriving at the sea.

Ah! And that is the Golden Gate Bridge!

Of course they say that as a joke. What comes out from the landscape is the 25th April bridge built in 1966. Much younger than the Golden Gate Bridge which was built in 1937. The irony is that most people believe that it was made by the same architect (the Golden Gate Bridge architect was Joseph Strauss who died in 1938) or the same company – Golden Gate Bridge was built by Bay Bridge and 25th April bridge was built by the American Bridge Company. The only thing in common is that they were both made by American companies. You can walk on San Francisco Bridge and you can cross the Lisbon’s bridge by train. But, yes, they are both very similar.

Is that the ”Cristo Redentor” from Rio de Janeiro

You also recognize the similarity of another city when you see the statue of ”Cristo Rei”. It resembles ”Cristo Redentor” in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. You see it immediately on the other side of the river opening its arms towards Lisbon. It is a copy of the statue that you find in Rio. The cardinal of Lisbon when visiting the Brazilian city in 1934 fell in love with the amazing statue and planned the idea of the construction of a similar one. It took a while to be built due to lack of money, but the cardinal’s dream was finally accomplished in 1959.

Ah the tiles are so beautiful! What’s their story?

The tiles came with the Moorish presence but finding them on the façade of the buildings is one feature that you find in Portugal. It is said that the fashion was brought by the emigrants that came back from Brazil. Since they had already their own houses covered with tiles there, they decided to do the same here. It is also said that because of its resistant material, tiles are really practical for maintenance. You just wash the walls, instead of painting and they protect the buildings from humidity and a plus… they are all in different patterns and beautiful!

And what about this beautiful floor?

                                                Imagem: Reprodução O Corvo[/caption]

The Portuguese pavement is also one of the features that you find throughout the city. Their beautiful patterns with black and white stones remind us of the Roman mosaics. In Lisbon it only became part of its street art in the 19th century. It is said that the first work was made by the prisoners who were in the castle and made the beautiful wavy, ”The wide Sea”, design that you find in Rossio square. You can also find this wavy pattern in Rio de Janeiro at the famous calçadão or in other cities in the world like Macau.

These and many more curiosities you will find during our walking tours! Book a tour with us and discover the beautiful city of Lisbon! True Travel, Real People.