Meet our Partner: Mais Proximidade, Melhor Vida


One thing in which we believe in is to follow practices that can be positive to the community. That means, organizing activities, walking tours, events and helping a cause. All in one. That’s why we are always looking for partnerships with organizations which are deeply in contact with the community. This is the case with Mais Proximidade, Melhor Vida.

Mais Proximidade, Melhor Vida

              Imagem: Reprodução Voluntiir

It is a social organization which gives support to the elderly population who live mainly in Lisbon downtown. It was born with the main concern in helping the elderly people who live in constant isolation and loneliness. Most of them live on the 4th, 5th or 6th floor in old buildings with no elevator or light. They can’t leave their homes to do simple things like shopping or going to the pharmacy. Most of them live all alone. Facing this problem the organization develops several activities to stop the isolation like home visits, phone calls, events related to any specific celebration and cultural visits. They also provide health support, taking them to the doctor or giving psychological help, and the list can go on… All the money to this organization goes to their work to improve their life’s conditions,

How are we helping?

Last year, we developed a new tour together with Mais Proximidade, Melhor Vida, during a project in which several other organizations participated. The aim was to develop itineraries which raise questions related to global citizenship. That’s how this partnership and the tour ”Relive Lisbon” was born!

Relive Lisbon

Imagem: Reprodução Mais Proximidade, Melhor Vida

In order to build this itinerary we gathered the elderly’s memories and we have learnt so much with them! They are a life memory of what was Lisbon in the past with street vendors, the beautiful shops in Chiado, the old cinemas and theatres, or the traditions of the festivities in June and the emotion of the Carnation Revolution in 1974. All this you can witness during 2h30. Part of the money goes to the organization giving more smiles to the elderly. 🙂 Book now!