Where to Eat in Lisbon

Restaurants in Lisbon

Many of our guests have been asking where to eat in Lisbon. Most of them are not looking for anything fancy, but to something more unique and authentic. It’s a hard question for us, since many of these authentic or unique restaurants tend to disappear during the last few years, specially in the most touristy areas. We always try to look for new things, adding them to our list, and we have decided to share some of them to you! 

  1. O Trigueirinho

(Imagem: Reprodução Vamos para Portugal)

In the heart of the beautiful Mouraria neighborhood, you will find this cozy restaurant that serves authentic Portuguese food. It’s simple and small but its food makes us remember the flavors and the heartful cuisine from our mothers.

Address: Largo dos Trigueiros, 17


2. Cantinho do Aziz

Imagem: Reprodução The Fork

Set really near to the previous restaurant, you will find Cantinho do Aziz. It’s not a typical Portuguese restaurant. It’s from Mozambique.  The mix with African and Asian flavors is what makes this restaurant so special. A business that has been here for over 30 years from the Aziz family.

Address: Rua das Fontainhas a São Lourenço 5

3. Cantinho de São José

(Imagem: Reprodução Tripadvisor)

Yes, we like ”cantinhos” (little corners) and really cozy places. In this place you might end up sharing a table with a stranger. Don’t feel too much intimated. You will end up having a chat with a traveler, a local or the waiter. The food is simple and delicious, as we like it!

Address: R. São José 94


4. Quatro Estações

(Imagem: Reprodução Zomato)

You will feel as a local in this simple restaurant, near Cais do Sodré. A great option for lunch where you will meet the local vibe. Many people who work in the area go there, including the priest from the church nearby. One of our best recommendations! And the food? Authentic Portuguese flavors!

Address: Praça de São Paulo, 17, Cais do Sodré