Things to do in Lisbon when it rains

Lisbon when it rains

Lisbon is not always the sunny city as many of you might believe. Autumn has arrived, so there’s rain, but this isn’t a reason to keep you from moving and discovering the city! There is plenty to see on a rainy Lisbon. Here are some of our tips to enjoy the best of Lisbon under the rain!

1. Gulbenkian Museum

Thing to do In Lisbon

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Lisbon has many museums to discover and it is always an excellent choice if you would like to avoid being outside. If you want to go more off the beaten track and love arts, you can visit the beautiful Gulbenkian Museum that gathers a vast collection from Egyptian and Roman periods to Modern art. The museum itself blends so well with the exterior that you can even admire nature without getting one drop of rain over your heads!

2. Lisbon Oceanarium

Things to do in Lisbon

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And since we are mentioning nature, this is also a good option, specially if you are bringing your kids! The ”Oceanarium’‘ was built in 1998 for the Expo held on that year. It was awarded as the best Aquarium in the world by Tripadvisor with a vast collection of marine species. All good reasons to learn and admire the ocean, being surrounded by water, with no rain!

3. Lx Factory

Things to do in Lisbon

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Shopping can be a good option, but instead of going to large Shopping Centers with the same old same fashion, how about going to a very cool and trendy spot, with really nice design fashion shops, art galleries and cool cafés? You can spend your time inside the most amazing bookshop in town, Ler Devagar, or grab a coffee and eat the best chocolate cake at Landeau. So many options!

4. Fado at Tasca do Jaime in Graça

Things to do in Lisbon

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If you are staying for the weekend you can have a Fado afternoon experience in our favorite spot. The Tasca do Jaime is  very authentic and cosy, where you can order some ”petiscos” to entertain your stomachs, have a glass of wine and witness the soul spirit of street Fado.

5. Enjoying tea and sweet pastry in Confeitaria Nacional

Things to do in Lisbon

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It’s raining outside? It’s time for a nice cup of tea and try the best of the Portuguese pastry. Our own favorite spot is Confeitaria Nacional. It is the oldest pastry in town. It has been in Lisbon since 1829 and has kept its 19th century style, so you have a feeling in traveling in time. Christmas hasn’t arrived yet, but they are already selling their best known ”Bolo Rei” (King’s cake), a delicious pastry with crystallized fruits and it is eaten during that season. Confeitaria Nacional was the one who invented the original recipe, so it is definitely an excellent option on a rainy day!