Almada – Where you find the best views of Lisbon


From our tours in Lisbon, we highlight the one in which you will find the best views of the city, but it is on the other side of the river. Surprised? We get in a ”cacilheiro” (ferry boat) and in less than 10 minutes we’re there. As for the rest, just follow us and we will tell you stories and curiosities from Cacilhas to old historical centre of Almada.

Lisbon is the city of miradouros, places with outstanding views, each one different from one another. But do you know where to find the best views to Lisbon? You won’t find in the city. Surprised? The best view of Lisbon is on the other side of the river in Almada. You catch the ferry boat in Cais do Sodré and in less than 10 minutes you’re there.

The best views of Lisbon - Fora da Rota Tours

                                (Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota)

The warehouses in ruins give a decadent image at a first glance. But on the way to Ginjal garden you will find past and present stories: the fishermen patiently waiting for the fish bite, the rusty cranes which marks the past of the hustle and bustle of boat repairing and supply, the street art on the walls, the cat peeping through the window, the river bathing timidly the coast, the proud bridge…

The Best views of Lisbon

                   (Imagem: Isabel Bernardo, Fora da Rota)

We walk directly to a small paradise: the Ginjal garden which invites us to rest and enjoy the shade. Lisbon is over there, at a hand’s reach, always being chased by our eyes. We go up the Boca do Vento elevator, and we walk the narrowed streets of old Almada. We arrive at Casa da Cerca where we breathe art, and we go down again to get back to the arrival point. Have you noticed the beautiful frigate and the submarine? They have witnessed many sea stories. The lighthouse can speak the same since it had already been in the Azores. We say goodbye, breathing Lisbon on the other side.

And in the end we ask again: where do you find the best views of Lisbon?

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