Walking & Boat Tours in Lisbon, Portugal

Fora da Rota is a tour and events company organized by us: Isabel and Viviane, two different girls, with two different perspectives in the world, but with common beliefs and passions.

Fora da Rota means Off the Route, Off the Beaten Track. And for us to think Fora da Rota is having in mind one important concern: ”Think Sustainable.”

Fora da Rota is True Travel by and for Real People – you, us and them, the locals. We promote sustainable tourism with walking tours, small groups and partnerships with local organizations, discovering the authentic Lisbon.



Unique experience in Lisbon

"If you are a bit tired of the same old same old touristic routes, this is definitely the place to be. A young, dynamic team offering tourists a unique experience in Lisbon, and not only. Different types of routes to help you get to know the city in-depth and have a slightly other perspectives of its culture. Highly recommended!"

– Joanna, TripAdvisor
Fantastic walking tour of Lisbon!

"This tour was a perfect introduction to the city and Isabel was a fantastic tour guide! It ended up only being myself on the tour, which was like having my own personal tour of Lisbon! Though, it felt more like walking along the streets with a friend, which made the tour experience that much better. I was able to see and experience so much on this tour that I know I wouldn’t have been able to see on my own or with another tour. I’d highly recommend this tour to anyone coming to Lisbon, either for the first time or returning for a visit."

– Jenna, TripAdvisor
Wonderful experience!

"I have experienced one of Fora da Rota Tours with my friends and I totally recommend it! It was great to feel the life of Lisbon by the hand of this lovely team! For someone who thought that already knew Lisbon, it was great to discover so many beautiful spots, to taste traditional gastronomy and feel the energy of this great city without the crowded tourist traps... Definitely, an experience to repeat!"

– Ana, TripAdvisor
Around Lisbon: special places with special people!

"It is an energetic, gentle and creative team that helps us see other things than the obvious ones that appear in the Guides! I was with them around Lisbon and we went to Mouraria, danced in Cabo Verde Association downtown and end up in a beautiful terrace."

– Nuvem, TripAdvisor